Praeclara Vocal Artists

Praeclara’s performing forces include a company of fourteen professional vocalists who perform both as an elite chamber choir and as soloists in each season’s productions. These local artists bring a wealth of experience and talent to the Praeclara stage each year.

Below is a list of our company members for the 2016 – 2017 season, with links to photos and more information about their backgrounds.

Satia Spencer and Luke Angelo in Carmina BuranaSopranos

Melanie Hanna
Kira Keating
Elizabeth Riddick
Kelly Singer
Shea Williamson


Brianna East
Rachel Kamphausen
Satia Spencer
LaLeata Westbrook

Kira Keating, Matthew Tatus, Satia Spencer, and Shea Williamson in Dido and AeneasTenors

Luke Angelo
Matthew Tatus
James Wafford III


Ethan Ezell
Kevin Ezell

Photo credits: 1) Satia Spencer as Monique and Luke Angelo as Patrick in Carmina Burana (2014), photography by Kelly Hicks; 2) Kira Keating, Shay Watson, Matthew Tatus, Satia Spencer, and Shea Williamson as members of the witches’ coven in Dido and Aeneas (2015), photography by Steven Veach.

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