Oct. 27 - 29: Annie

Praeclara partners with Wildwood Park for the Arts to bring this lovable classic to the Lucy Lockett Cabe Festival Theatre.

Welcome to Praeclara!

Praeclara is an Arkansas performing arts organization supported by Second Presbyterian Church of Little Rock. Experience our exceptional musical and visual artistry at an upcoming show!

Nov. 18: Mass of the Children

The Praeclara Vocal Company sings John Rutter's uplifting masterwork with the UA Little Rock Community Chorus, the choir of Second Presbyterian Church, and professional orchestra.

Introducing Praeclara, a performing arts organization sponsored by Second Presbyterian Church of Little Rock

Praeclara offers an eclectic blend of opera, dance, choral, handbell, and orchestral performances. Our productions are both excellent and rare: excellent because we provide an innovative showcase for talented performing artists from around the state, and rare because Praeclara performances are designed to surprise and challenge our audiences. Praeclara events stimulate the senses, provoke thought, and start conversations. Praeclara is artistry in sound, motion, and mind.